Issues faced By Suppliers

  • DMC’s currently spends a huge amount towards onboarding.
  • Travel agents by participating in Trade fairs, Road shows etc.
  • Agents credibility is unknown and unverified.
  • Currently quotations amendments changes and final delivery of vouchers- the entire process is broken has gaps subject to delays.
  • It takes lot of effort and duplication of work.


  • No more Agent acquisition.
  • An unlimited access to showcase your products to thousands of Travel Agents.
  • Since the entire process is online, it saves a lot of time and efforts.
  • Easy CRM to Manage Order Processing.
  • Access to Create, modify and Upload Content and Images of FIT,FDD/GIT, Services and Activities.
  • Create Own Users to access and Manage.
  • Flexibility of CRM to operate Countrywise.

Features for DMC & Suppliers

Below highlighted features are available with DMC login, all registered users get access to all below 
features including basic plan subscribers. Everything is automated and synchronized to make your 
experience seamless.


Dashboard is one view page, to highlight all your transaction Status and Numbers, it helps you 
to analyze and manage your work planning.

  • Shows status of bookings.
  • Numbers with Status
  • Sale

Booking Management –

With Booking Management Panel, you can manage all your transactions. It allows your team to process 
the reservation through multiple Status. Below are some feature highlights:

  • View Bookings
  • Modify Their Status (i.e. Confirm/Hold/Cancel)
  • Upload Confirmation inside.

Service Management

This Panel is made to create, modify and Manage Individual services, these service are used in 
Tailored made Holiday packages. Here you can upload your gross rates of services so that travel 
agent simply select and buy the service, below are features highlight.

  • Create Services to Sale
  • Create Hotel, Activities, Meals and Transportation
  • View Service List and Access to Edit

Holiday Package Management

Upload your FIT packages under this Panel, These packages would be visible on agents Home page 
(Filtering Country wise selection) so upload your ready to sale products here. Below are the panel 

  • Create packages including content, Images, services and Costing
  • View Packages
  • Modify Packages

User Management

We Understand, that DMC workflow includes multiple responsibilities for respective associates 
hence we made User Management, In order to allow multiple login access on your DMC page 
(Only for Internal uses).

  • Create your own users to allow the access of supplier
  • The Use would get similar access except User Management