Issues faced By Travel Agents

  • Finding a reliable, trustworthy DMC is time consuming.
  • Signing up with large aggregators would be depositing large amount of deposit or by way of bank guarantees.
  • Since the entire process is offline, takes a long time for processing.
  • Low conversions with current process, can’t compete with OTA pricing and Quicker turnarounds.


  • No more Agent acquisition.
  • An unlimited access to showcase your products to thousands of Travel Agents.
  • Since the entire process is online, it saves a lot of time and efforts.
  • Easy CRM to Manage Order Processing.
  • Access to Create, modify and Upload Content and Images of FIT,FDD/GIT, Services and Activities.
  • Create Own Users to access and Manage.
  • Flexibility of CRM to operate Countrywise.

Features for Travel Agents


  • Select Destination wise ready to book FIT Packages on Home Page.
  • Create Own FIT package, selecting activities and services.


  • Dashboard Shows status of bookings.
  • Numbers with Status
  • Bookings and their vouchers.

Saved Itinerary

  • Here you will find Packages Customized by you on home page.
  • You can create Quotation using this Itinerary.

Customer Management

  • To create Customer records.
  • Follow-ups and Quotation creation

Quotation Management

  • View Saved Quotation.
  • Send Quotation to Customer


  • Create Invoice.
  • View & Send Invoice.

Own Supplier Management

  • Create list of your own supplier and their Services,Like Hotel, activity, meal and transportation.
  • It enables you to customize packages selectingYour Own Suppliers too.

User Management

  • Create your Ownusers to allow the access of your agency/Company.
  • The Use would get similar access except User Management.